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Junior Section

The Brailsford and Ednaston Cricket Club Junior section is very well established. The club is committed to the development of cricket for both boys and girls and have an accredited cricket programme which develops children from 4 years old right through to 18/19 years old when, if they haven't already been selected, they can continue in the senior section.

Junior Chairman, Richard Salt, is proud of the club's commitment to making cricket more appealing to children. "The Club has had an accredited All Stars Programme for a few years now so we are delighted that in 2020 we have adopted a new Dynamos programme. The Dynamos section fills the gap for children 8yrs - 11yrs, so they can keep can now follow on developing their skills and enjoyment from All Stars to Dynamos right through to the Academy level".

Whilst the objective of the junior section is to ultimately develop good and great players, the principle of the Junior section is the taking part, having fun and making new friends

All Star Cricket

All Stars 5yrs - 8yrs

Brailsford & Ednaston Cricket Club has been an ECB approved All Stars Cricket Centre for a number of years now.

Our All Stars programme provides a fantastic first experience for children aged 5-8 over an 8 week period.

We introduce the children to the sport, teach them new core skills, help them to make new friends with the accent on fun. Each child will earn stars as the weeks progress that match the skills learned during the programme. 

By registering for All Stars Cricket, your child will be guaranteed eight weeks of jam-packed fun, activity and skills development including...

Batting – hitting a moving ball,  Throwing – underarm and overarm,  Catching – small and large balls
Bowling – overarm,  Running – lots of movement,  Teamwork – fun games with friends
Communication – the basics of cricket, Spirit of Cricket – how to respect others

Every child that registers for the All Stars Cricket programme for the first time will receive a bonus participant pack including: backpack, cricket bat, cricket ball, personalised T-shirt with their name on , cap and activity book.

For more information on All Stars Cricket, please call Richard Salt on 07881 503324 or email:

Dynamos Cricket

Dynamos 8yrs - 11yrs

Dynamos Cricket is new for 2020 and Brailsford will again be an approved ECB Centre for this exciting new programme. As the follow on from All Stars Cricket, it is aimed at the next age group aged  8 -11.

Over 8 weeks, it continues or starts a child’s cricketing journey developing fundamental movement skills and applying them in a game of countdown cricket.

Every child who registers for Dynamos will received their own Dynamos Cricket New Balance T Shirt personalised with their name and number.

For more information about Dynamos Cricket, please call Richard Salt on 07881 503324 or email

The programme

Children will use soft balls and light wooden bats,   Minimum of six 60-90 minute sessions
Introduction to game play through a countdown cricket match,  New Balance personalised t-shirt with name and number.  Valuable time with your kids – mums and dads are encouraged to take part too  Complementary digital app experience.

Cricket Academy
Dynamos Cricket
Dynamos Cricket

Our Academy 11yrs - 19yrs

At the right point on a young cricketer's journey, we will move them, in consultation with their parents / guardians, to our cricket academy that runs from the age of 10 to 18.

Our goal never changes in cricket at the club. It is that participation and fun are more important than ability. However, hardball cricket is a different experience and the academy leads quickly onto this, so we need to be sure that all the ‘building blocks from All Stars and Dynamos’ are nicely in place to allow the player a happy and confident journey onto the next level.

We use the age range as a guide in this regard. Sometimes a child is ready for the academy at the age of 9. Sometimes it may take till 13. This doesn't matter at Brailsford. What is key to us is that they make the transition with confidence and continue to have fun playing our great game.

Under the Academy banner we have competitive teams playing against other clubs at: Under 11 / Under 13 / Under 15 / Under 17 and Under 19.

In some years, we occasionally do not have enough players to fill a squad in a particular age group. At this point, we will make an arrangement with another local club to enter a joint team into a league / competition to ensure the ongoing development of the players that we have.

Other clubs approach us in the same way, with the output being again that we all retain the emphasis on participation and a players circle of friends through playing the game, increases wider than just our club.

Academy players have a great range of training and white kit that is designed by the club and can be bought and personalised. Where finances permit we encourage this as it builds identity and team spirit. However it is in no way compulsory.

For information about our cricket academy please contact our representatives based on your child’s age;

Under 11 – Richard Salt (07881 503324)

Under 15 – Jason Buckler (07900 406344)

Under 19 – Nigel Glossop (07768 644326)

or email


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